Falkus Joinery Ltd is based in Shoreditch [situated on the outskirts of the City] and is the largest facility of its kind in London.

An excellent reputation and close relationships with our clients means that for six decades FJL has been first choice in London when it comes to bespoke commercial joinery. FJL has been developed and re-equipped to create a modern and efficient manufacturing and specialist bespoke joinery facility.

Our experienced joiners and finishers pride themselves on sourcing the very best materials to successfully blend the traditional and more modern methods of fabrication, and finishing in our extensive workshop.

What we believe

At the forefront of everything we do at FJL is the quality of the finish, the needs of the client, and the execution of excellence.  This is because we believe that good joinery and good business should incorporate sustainability.

Therefore the material we use is carefully selected just like our staff. Put simply this means selecting only the very best responsibly sourced material available; and investing in our staff and the next generation of joiners and master craftsmen and women.

We also believe what makes FJL unique is our location and our Shoreditch roots and to celebrate this we invited two very well know graffiti crews, The Rolling People & Team Grot Bags to decorate our storage wall and we hope they will come again. Please see here for more information.

1970s Prospectus

An early and original prospectus showing the different types of joinery that Falkus was known for in the 1970s.

This included ornate bank installations, commercial offices, reception desks and computer workstations housing "modern electronic and telecommunications hardware".

Please click here for our 1970s Prospectus

What we do

Over the decades FJL has developed an unparalleled reputation of not only producing a very high standard of all types of joinery, but also being London's first choice when it comes to the industry.  Although it is mainly to do with our commitment to continual improvement we also believe this has something to do with our location.  Being in the centre of Shoreditch makes it easier for designers, architects and contractors to meet our design team and joiners.  This means our clients can see the materials and techniques first-hand and therefore stay close to their projects.

Although our commitment to development and location is vital, our reputation is also built on the fact that intentionally, we do not specialise.  Unlike many other businesses that focus their efforts on a narrow range of joinery, at FJL we are experienced and accomplished with all types of joinery, materials and finishes.  This includes everything from high volume commercial projects to designer furniture, to lift cars and concierge installations, windows, doors kitchens, wardrobes and everything in between.

This broad approach means we are constantly developing and improving new methods and techniques with the intention of taking everything to a new level. 

We operate in a number of different commercial and domestic sectors including: healthcare, social housing, heritage, education residential and domestic bespoke.  For more information about what we offer please see the Projects Page.

Driven by joiners, unscarred by trials.

Join the team

We are always looking for bright and talented individuals with a similar passion to join our growing team.  If you think this applies to you then please get in touch.

Ts & Cs

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