Graffiti Wall Project with "The Grotty People":

On the 20th May we has provided sole access to our 14x3.5m storage wall to two local graffiti crews, teamgrotbags [TGB] & The Rolling People [TRP].

The intention is to create a space for TGB & TRP to use as they wish to create an ongoing piece of local art that changes on a regular basis.

In doing this we hope to bring the animated and vibrant Shoreditch in to our facility and into everything we do.

Teamgrotbags & The Rolling People hence the name "The Grotty People" are as follows:

Top left: 'deus' @whatthedeus [TGB]
Top middle: 'Kev' [TRP]
Top right: 'krooks' - @jamiekrooks [TGB]
Bottom left 'brk' - @brk192 [TRP]
Bottom middle: 'Stevn' @vents137 [TGB]
Bottom right: 'Snoe' - @snoeone [TRP]