How it works

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A 'do it yourself' service that allows you, as the designer to use the skills and machines at Falkus Joinery like your own personal joinery. This means you save money by preparing the drawings for manufacture yourself.

As long as your design is in the right file format our programme will recognise the contours and shapes and will turn your piece from a drawing to components ready for assembly.

We charge an hourly rate of £55 per hour to set up and run the cutting programme.

If you need more help, we are fully skilled and trained joiners who can do the assembly on your behalf.

And if this still isn’t enough, we are polishers, stray finishers, metal workers, veneerers and wood machinists.

For more information please call 0207 749 4280 or

Materials & Sizes

The maximum sheet size we can machine is 3x1.5m and 10cm thick. We offer all materials, from solid wood to sheet material [i.e. MDFs, Ply, Tilly Board and Hi-MACs].

You can provide your own material, or you can leave it to us. We have a fully stocked sample library and we welcome visits.

File formats

We can work from DWG, DXF, Ai and SKP files. We, of course work from sketches and drawings, however this is charged at the hourly rate.